• Where are you located?

    We have 3 locations on the West Coast including Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR, and Las Vegas, NV. Click on "locations" for more info.

  • Do you guys deliver?

    Order via Postmates at our LA / PDX location and Grubhub at our Vegas location!

  • Are you hiring?

    Visit our "Careers" page to learn more!

  • Why are your drinks so expensive?

    We agree that our drinks are higher than the average boba price, but think about this. With your drink, you get unlimited toppings + a free glass jar. Five bucks doesn't sound so bad now, does it? In addition to that, we use higher quality ingredients than your average tea house. We handcraft our syrup from fresh fruit almost every day!

  • Is your milk dairy?

    Yes, it's dairy-- comes from a mooing cow. It's simply lactose-free because it has an added emzyme that helps break down the lactose. Now you can enjoy fresh milk tea without the consequences!

  • How can you afford to give away free glass bottles?

    It's simple really. In addition to the great aesthetics, we encourage our customers to bring the jar back. Re-using them decreases the waste we would normally throw away. It might cost us a few cents more, but to us, it's worth it.

  • Why did you guys sell your food truck?

    It's a long explanation, but we'll give you the TL;DR version.

    1. It was too big of a headache for us. It broke down constantly and required a ton of maintenance. As a result, we weren't able to serve our customers as much as we wanted to!
    2. When it rained, we couldn't go out. This truck LOVED hydroplaning on the freeway!

  • Will you guys be opening more locations?

    We currently have a location in Los Angeles, CA, Beaverton, OR, and Las Vegas, NV. We are always looking to expand!

  • Are you a franchise?

    Nope! It's just Stacey, Beyah, and an amazing team behind them running the show. :)

  • I have more questions. How can I ask them?

    Visit our "Contact" page! There, you can send us a message with all the questions your heart desires.