Allen Robbins


  • Where were you born? And when is your birthday?

    I was born in Bellaire, Texas. It's a city within the city of Houston. My birthday is February 26th, which means I am a pisces... Not sure what that entails but that is as much as I know.

  • Where do you currently reside?

    I currently live in Hollywood, Los Angeles! I left Bellaire to move to New York City in 2012 for college. I went to Parsons and studied illustration. It was AWESOME. I wanted to do animation or work in the video game industry, and I realized that a move to LA was necessary to get a job in those fields. So, I moved out here and now work as an Illustrator at a video game ad agency.

  • What got you started?

    I have drawn ever since I could pick up a pencil. I would religiously watch Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network shows and get inspiration (and still do). My grandmother would sit and watch with me and we would draw monsters together because that is all I wanted to draw. My whole family has artistry running through them and that helped to bring it alive in me.

  • What is your forte?

    I am consistently finding new ways to push my artistry further, and taking myself out of my comfort zone. I draw, I digitally sculpt, 3D print, and paint on clothes, I make molds, and action figures. I try to keep myself as well-rounded as possible and make sure that I stay a hot commodity in an ever-changing and ever-developing world.

  • How would most people describe your art?

    WEIRD. The amount of times in my life I have heard "I want to know what goes on in your mind" is a testament to that. My work is colorful and often times, nonsensical.

  • Describe your art in THREE words.

    Bombastic, otherworldly, gritty

  • What struggles have you’ve faced as an artist?

    Being an artist is constantly having to prove yourself to everyone around you, the main point being that you are trying to make a living off of your creations. People constantly want to exploit work of artist and not pay or credit them. It comes down to earning and maintaining people's respect and standing up for yourself when you feel you are not receiving it. Even from other artists. My work is often seen as or referred to as "low-brow" by my peers in the art world and I have truly come to embrace that and reclaim it as a good thing.

  • What do you hope others would see and feel when they see your art

    I hope that people can have as much fun looking at every piece of my art as I had making it. I love creating and I love what I create and I want people to love it and have fun with it too, because when it comes down to it: I am drawing pictures for a living and it don't get much better than that. Can I get an AMEN?

  • What is your favorite MILK+T drink?

    The Guilt trip. How could you not love that thing?

  • What makes you continue to collaborate with MILK+T?

    On top of being run by two amazing Women who work hard every day of their lives just as I do, what they are putting out into the world is love, happiness, acceptance, and really really ridiculously good tasting boba tea. I love working with these girls and being a part of this journey because I look at the work we do together and feel proud.